This event has ended!
Dec 31

Kilsby's Friday 31/12/21 10am-12noon

Date & Time
31 December 2021 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
(UTC+10:30) Australia/South

Book on to dive Kilsby's one last time in 2021!
Dive is available for booking online.


As the online booking system now incorporates acceptance of the required Kilsby's Indemnity, each member must make their own booking.

This is to ensure there is a record of the member having completed the indemnity requirements.

Bookings made by a member for anyone other than themselves will be rejected. 

Event Type

Friday 15th Oct 2021 - Monday 18th Oct 2021
Course: Cave Mount Gambier
Option to dual certify with TDI as well. Manifold or Independent configuration via Sidemount or Backmount systems welcome (I am also a TDI Sidemount instructor). TDI Sidemount Course could be run in conjunction if desired. Equipment rental options available aswell... ...
Thursday 17th Feb 2022 - Saturday 19th Feb 2022
CDAA Cave Course
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