Hancocks Cave (5L66) Select this option
Address: Mount Gambier, 5290
South Australia Australia
Site Description: 

A large freshwater cenote accessed through a 1m-diameter solution tube - 7m in length followed further by a free drop of 9m into water. Water depth below here is approx 15m.

The enormous bell shaped cavity has the characteristic NW-SE orientation of approx. 60m length with a width of approx. 35m.

The NW end has major roof steps with boulder collapses forming deep wall slots to depths of approx. 20+m, whereas the SE end also has many boulders & swim throughs and has a low silty chamber reaching a depth of approx. 37m. The lower chamber is low yet wide, extremely milky white silt and would suit sidemount access.

There is currently a fixed line circuit of about 185m around the feature with a jump into the lower chamber.

Cave maximum depth: 37 metres.

Site is currently closed

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