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Address: Mount Gambier, 5290
South Australia Australia
Site Description: 

The origins of Tank Cave's name was a water tank that used to rest over the top of the entrance. The entrance is underground. After climbing down a short ladder, the small surface lake leads to an extensive, maze-like system with over 7km of dive-able passage - this makes it one of the longest underwater caves in Australia. Fixed line runs throughout most of the cave, although many of the side passages do require jumps.

Site Access Requirements:

  • Tank Cave is open most weekends and by request of a Tank Cave site Access Officer
  • Bookings are made through the CDAA website
  • Contact the Site Booking officer to arrange diving dates with a minimum of 1 weeks notice.
  • A suitably qualified Tank Cave site Access Officer is required for each day of diving.
  • Property gate must be closed at all times.
  • Familiarisation schedule must be followed until completed. This schedule can be located here.


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