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Address: Madura, 6443
Western Australia Australia
Site Description: 

Burnabbie Cave was first discovered in 2003. This fragile cave hosts numerous interesting features similar to Olwolgin Cave including: rocks covered in black bacteria, hanging roots and green tannic water. Explorations have seen this strictly side-mount cave extended to approximately 3000m of passage. Entrance to the cave is a 50m crawl to an underground surface lake. Care must be taken during the warmer months as the entrance can have high levels of CO2 and possible hydrogen sulphide.

No CDAA training of any sort is to be conducted in this site.
Site Access is restricted divers in side mount configuration only. Back mount twins and back mount rebreathers are not permitted.


Access Notes: 
  • Apply in writing or email for permission to dive at least four weeks in advance of trip.
    • Email: Proposals@dplh.wa.gov.au
      • Each application must have:

        • Copies of all indemnity forms.

        • List of attendees in the body of the email.

        • Dates and proposed caves - needs to be in the body of the email.

        • An emergency contact name and number - usually the person applying for the group, needs to be in the body of the email.

        • Copies of valid and current CDAA cards.

    • A site indemnity form must be filled out for each visit to the site. Indemnity can be found here

    • Diving permission acknowledged by official letter from Land Owner.

Pre-requisites for entry to Burnabbie:
Pre-requisites for entry to Burnabbie are:

  • Side mount set-up for the planned dives
  • Must have completed 25 post Advanced Cave certification dives in a combination of Cave and Advanced Cave Rated Sites whilst diving side mount configuration.

In recognition that members must be able to schedule remote dive trips with confidence, it is not required to have these 25 side mount configuration dives prior to booking.

Members however, must be able to demonstrate evidence that the pre-requisite dives took place before diving at Burnabbie.  It is recommended members leave a sufficient window of opportunity to complete these dives prior to their trip.

Members must ensure they are able to provide evidence to the National Committee if/when requested to.

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