Weebubbie Cave (6N2) Select this option
Address: Eucla, 6443
Western Australia Australia
Site Description: 

Large talus filled main passage south-west from doline leads to two lakes, one large and one small. 100 metre long sump at end of 150 metre long large lake leads to a further dome-shaped airspace and submerged passages beyond. Main sump has a large offshoot to the south-east over 150 metres long. Smaller lake reaches 28 metres depth.

This is a tri rated site.
The pool on the northern side is rated Sinkhole.
The majority of the rest of the site is Cave rated.
The deep section of the cave (below 40m) aka the Snot Room along with the Y shaped tunnel to the west of the Snot Room and the small shortcut running North/South from the entrance tunnel to the Railway Tunnel which also contains bacteria colonies is rated Advanced Cave.
For the purposes of Advanced Cave training, the area around the White Room may be considered, for the purpose of the course, as Advanced Cave for Site Training Dive#1.

Access Notes: 
  • Apply in writing or email for permission to dive at least four weeks in advance of trip.

    • Email: Proposals@dplh.wa.gov.au

    • Each application must have:

      • Copies of all indemnity forms. (Found here)

      • List of attendees in the body of the email.

      • Dates and proposed caves - needs to be in the body of the email.

      • An emergency contact name and number - usually the person applying for the group, needs to be in the body of the email.

      • Copies of valid and current CDAA cards.

  • A site indemnity form must be filled out for each visit to the site.

  • Diving permission acknowledged by official letter from Land Owner.

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