SA - Ela Elap (5L14)
Address: Mount Schank, 5291
SA Australia
Site Description: 

Large deep sinkhole, visibility can be excellent at depth, water always cold (around 10-11 degrees).


Access Notes: 
  • Open at any time agreeable to the landowners.
  • There are four keys available  - one key per diver group - with two locked access gates on the property.
  • Permission to dive is by approaching the Management of the Bellum Hotel, at which time the member must present their CDAA card for proof of financial membership. No card will result in no permission to dive and no key (this is non-negotiable).
  • A fixed ladder is in place for your convenience.
  • Compressors are not to be used during fire bans.
  • Smoking is not permitted on site.

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