About CDAA

Aims and Objectives

We foster the development, advancement, promotion, mapping, education, exploration, conservation, safety and research of underwater caves and related features.

Before 1973, cave diving in Australia was not regulated and training, if any, was rare. As a result, there were a number of fatalities. To address this concern a group of dedicated individuals formed the CDAA in September of that year. Today the CDAA has grown to be a world leader as it drives excellence in cave diving always innovating with new equipment and techniques to continually improve the safety of the sport and its members.

New membership is available to all qualifed Advanced Open Water divers who are accepted for the CDAA Basic Cave (entry level) certification. An annual fee is payable to maintain membership status.


Incorporated Association

The CDAA is an Incorporated Association under South Australia law with a Constitution upheld by a National Committee of five directors.  National Committee positions are appointed by membership vote on a bi-annual basis. The Committee appoints Office Bearers for various operational roles that are critical to the smooth running of the Association.


National Committee

Rick NASH (CDAA 4187) - National Director

Location: St Marys, SA
Phone: 0438 815 643  

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Michael LIARAKOS (CDAA 5182) - Business Director

Location: Packenham Upper, VIC
Phone: 0428 235 800


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Tim FEATONBY (CDAA 3372) - Standards Director

Location: Worrowing Heights, NSW
Phone: 0402 129 253  


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Kelvyn BALL (CDAA 3276) - Site Director

Location: Pimpinio, VIC
Phone: 0428 842 259


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