Cave Diver Training

To become an accomplished cave diver you must first learn the fundamentals and then build on these basic skills.  Since 1974 the CDAA has trained and assessed divers to ensure skills and capabilities are at a high quality standard so as to minimise the inherent risks involved in cave diving.

CDAA Certification Program

  1. The adventure starts with Deep Cavern Diver. This entry level course develops the minimum skills and knowledge for deep cavern diving including the planning, organising and the procedures, techniques and problem solving required in a variety of cavern and sinkhole diving situations.  This is an excellent introduction to freshwater diving that is open to all Advanced Open Water qualified divers who have logged a minimum of 18 months open water experience.
  2. The next step is Cave Diver. On this course Deep Cavern qualified divers study the theory and develop the practical skills required to safely undertake diving activities in a CDAA rated cave sites.
  3. The final step in your formal education is Advanced Cave Diver.   This course is open to all Cave qualifed divers and on it you develop the minimum skills and knowledge for advanced (penetration) cave diving including the planning, organisation, procedures, techniques, self reliance and problem solving in a variety of cave diving situations.  Upon completion of this course divers are expected to continually develop their skills with ongoing education and experiences with regular cave diving.

Recognition of Non-CDAA Cave Diving Certification (Cross-Overs)

If you already hold a Cave diver qualification through another certification agency, you can complete a cross-over course to become certified by the CDAA.


The CDAA has large team of professional cave diving instructors for all levels of training.

Upcoming Courses

A schedule of upcoming CDAA dive courses is published here.