Welcome to the Cave Divers Association of Australia (CDAA).

The association was formed in September 1973 and is dedicated to fostering the development, advancement, promotion, mapping, education, exploration, conservation, safety and research of underwater caves and related features.

We have trained over 6,000 divers since 1973.


The CDAA is proudly supported by the following organisations:



Upcoming CDAA Training

18/09 to 22/09 2017 Mount Gambier SA Deep Cavern
28/09 to 01/10 2017 Mount Gambier SA Deep Cavern
05/10 to 08/10 2017 Melbourne and Mount Gambier Advanced Cave
05/10 to 08/10 2017 Mount Gambier Cave
07/10 to 15/10 2017 Melbourne (or Brisbane) and Mt Gambier Deep Cavern
23/10 to 27/10 2017 Mount Gambier SA Deep Cavern